Mounting Brackets

Savings from a single unit

Morrill Motors offers another breakthrough in convenience and cost savings for the fan assemblies market. Morrill engineers have combined the mounting bracket with the conduit connector for a single unit mounting structure. This single unit construction means not only a savings in labor for your assembly process, but a significant savings in cost…as much as 43% on each individual unit!

In addition to design innovation, Morrill also offers flexibility of engineering with three models that vary the positioning and design of the connector. Choose the application that best suits the needs of your conduit connection. Options include facilitating the conduit parallel to the shaft, or at a 45º or 90º angle to the shaft.

As with most Morrill products, the mounting bracket connector unit can be custom designed and manufactured to meet your specific product requirements. Additionally, Morrill offers a complete line of competitively priced mounting brackets and connectors with the same high-quality standards and customization options.


As an industry leader in the manufacturing of complete air movement packages, Morrill builds experience and insight into the design of each mounting unit. The end result is a bracket/connector with all of the features demanded by today's market:

  • Premium quality G-90 galvanized coated for corrosion resistance
  • Standard bracket thickness of .058 cold rolled steel for superior strength and stability
  • Compatibility with all makes of unit bearing motors
  • Designed to facilitate six o'clock and twelve o'clock leaded motors
  • Engineered to minimize vibration
  • Patent applied for

The Morrill Motors Pledge

Since 1946, Morrill Motors has earned the trust of customer around the world. Our commitment to quality and unique designs is unwavering. Working with you and your team, we will ensure exacting specifications and performance standards whether you select one of our many current production models, or choose to have us customize features and specifications to meet your special requirements.

We are pledged to ensure your success. Expect only the best service, quality and value when you specify Morrill Motors.